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polish centre birmingham


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The Polish Centre in Birmingham is, after London, the oldest and largest Polish centre in England. The centre has always been a unique place where the Birmingham’s Poles could cultivate their national identity and practise Polish traditions, language and culture.

Polish masses began at the beginning of 1947 and the first church services attended by Polish parishioners took place at the Oratory on Hagley Road in Birmingham. However, in response to requests made by Father Bronisław Kreuza, the Polish Catholic Community was given permission to hold services at St. Michael’s Catholic Church on New Meeting Street in the city centre.

In 1957, under the new management of Father Franciszek Kącki, further investments were made and the canteen and continental shop were opened at the vicarage.

Finally on the 9th of December 1962 ‘Polish Millennium House’ was officially opened and became the new base for The Polish Catholic Centre in Birmingham and a new anchor for the Polish community.

The Polish community has been very active in raising money for many charity organisations and church missions. In addition the Polish community in Birmingham has remained very engaged and supportive to their homeland. Having recognized the need for help, Birmingham’s Poles set up ‘The Mazowiecki’s Fund’ and in the 1980’s raised more than £36,000 for the home country.